The Woodworking Creations of Xulinos

Woodworking, being my original passion, has been the foundation of my creative work!
Here are some examples of my work!

"Piano Bowl"
black walnut & white oak
Maple Deep Bowl
Maple/Osage Orange Bowl
walking cane w/brass handle
maple & walnut
walking cane w/porcelan handle
Decorative Table
oak w/ white marble top

Back mirrored Crystal Hutch

Restored Garden Bench - Ash and Wrought Iron
Walnut, Osage Orange inlays in maple and walnut flooring
Cherry, Maple, Walnut inlay in oak flooring
"Monet Bridge" in Western Red Cedar - private collection
Ash/Walnut/Cherry Coffee Table
(The Ash was grown in my backyard over a 23 year span)
Bar for the Ballroom of the Merou Grotto, West Lafayette, Indiana

Recreated Historical Porch
Salem Street - Lafayette, Indiana

Sequoia in My Backyard

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