Poetic Inner Liner Notes

authored by Rebekah

Dancing in the Womb

Mysteries and joys of the creation of life astound mankind. The soul of the child is the greatest creation; and the gratitude for its life is the ultimate expression. The birth of children and grandchildren continues to fill each generation with pride and wonder. Through the eyes of that child, one might see a world of pure love.

The Innocence of Youth
This is the story of a young girl on a journey from childhood to adulthood. The tragedy and triumphs of a thousand tomorrows are hers to explore and endure. Fluid, hopeful melody is her longing to hold on to some piece of her innocence of youth.

The Last Samurai
The classicism of a lost time brings images of an honorable culture and the warrior spirit of the Samurai. The integrity and strength of that ancient institution seem but a faded picture in the minds of men; but the spiritual memory of that life remains.

Our Island Home
This place is a haven of peace and tranquility. Images of wind through palms and the smell of salty sea air intertwine with the sounds of crashing waves and the echo of island melodies. It is a dream-like existence on the shores of an untouched paradise.

When Karma Catches Up
The universe lays out our paths in time; but our destinies are determined by our choices. Spiritual debt and reward unfolds before us. To live with purpose and accountability is the goal; but it is in our nature to falter from time to time. But the Karma we create in our actions plays out in this life and beyond.

Looking Through the Glass
Life, like music, is full of its own swells and endings. Waves of emotion are the strings that play in menís hearts. It is the nature of existence that often our greatest joy and most haunting sorrow intermingle in the song of life.

Dance of the Rainbow Spirits
In Tibetan Buddhism, "advanced practices of Dzogchen, accomplished practitioners can bring their lives to an extraordinary and triumphant end. As they die, they enable their body to be reabsorbed back into the light essence of the elements that created it, and consequently their material body dissolves into light and then disappears completely. This process is known as the 'rainbow body' or 'body of light' because the dissolution is often accompanied by spontaneous manifestations of light and rainbows." - The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche

The Indian Princess
The beauty and dignity of the Indian woman is untouchable. From the depths of excruciating poverty to the most elegant of luxurious lives, she will carry that magnificent grace inside. The heart of a princess is impossible to hide.

Time Warrior
Breaking all barriers and restraints, the time warrior rides through the mists of ages to his destiny. Armed with knowledge and patient strength, his thundering steed carries him into a timeless world beyond our imagination.

A Caterpillar's Destiny
The seeming impossibility of transformation is only an illusion. Just as the helpless caterpillar becomes a beautiful creature of flight in the soft breeze of summer, mankind has the ability to transform to fulfill our greatest potential. Life unfolds before us with infinite possibilities. We must grasp that hope for a greater existence and take flight like the majestic butterfly.

Gramma's Tribe
An impossible love flourished in the face of adversity to create a life of peace and love. Each generation cherishing the blood of both lines, becomes the ultimate tribute to that love and sacrifice. Tolerance and respect is the result of the union of two worlds.

Meeting Lynda
We are given gifts everyday, the greatest of which is the love of another being. As two lives become one, we are changed forever in the most subtle and profound ways. The treasure of love in its purest form is the meaning and reward of a lifetime.

Preconceived Emotions
This is the progression of the range of human emotion, an observation of life. The entire gamut of these thoughts and feelings is invaluable. Each melts into the others, making us who we are and unfolding to create a shape our memories and hopes for the future. As uncontrollable as the wind, there is no predicting the direction of our hearts. All assumptions are fallible and preconceived emotions are deceiving.

When Things Work Out
Sometimes when we are fortunate, everything comes together to form the perfect balance in our lives. Through many pains and joys we hope to find meaning and validation. There are moments when it seems that nothing is as it should be; and then there are those moments when life and love and all that we have worked for falls into place. This is when things work out.

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