The Architectural Restoration Work of Xulinos

* Beginning in 1982 I have done extensive Historic Architectural Restoration work. Homes built during the Victorian Era need a great deal of care and attention. Many have deteriorated almost beyond recollection of a day when craftsman cared deeply for showing pride in the quality of their work.
Below are several of the many homes & projects that have been restored or recreated.
Large Queen Anne (before)
Large Queen Anne (after)
Gothic Farm House (before)
Gothic Farm House (after)
Brick Italianate (before)
Brick Italianate (restored)
w/decorative wrought iron
Before Restoration
After Restoration
Italianate with double bay windows

Italianate Row House w/bay & fishscales
(restored 1985)

"Painted Lady" Porch Restoration
Recreation of Historic Porch from 1890's photos

"Shotgun" Shack

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